15 Things that Definitely Belong In Your Dream Home

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15 Things that Definitely Belong In Your Dream Home

Building your dream home is a chance to go all out and have exactly what you want.  Obviously, we should include all the things we need, but if you want it – well why not have it?

Here are 20 must-have items for your dream home:


A bathtub right next to a fireplace.

Because that is just so romantic! Why not go one better and have Jacuzzi jets in the bathtub?


Going one better, how about a dazzling collection of star lights over the bath.

Don’t forget the wine rest and the television for the ultimate bathing experience.


A Secret Room, hidden behind an innocent bookcase or feature wall.

Somewhere that only those who live there know about. If you are looking for the ultimate in peace, don’t tell the kids it is there and hide when you feel you need a break.


A stunning balcony.

Balconies are just the best places to sit and watch the world go by or simply gaze at nature in all its glory.


A swimming pool that really dazzles :

Maybe on the balcony or encased in glass further down the building!


A slide from the bedroom into said pool. Every house needs a waterslide!


If not a water slide what about a slide next to the staircase for those inner child moments – or just for the kids.


A vast window seat, why not even go as big as a bed.

Relax with a book or just laze and gaze at the views.


One mega skylight or glass roof.

After all who doesn’t love to watch the sky at night while cozy in the house?


A dressing room (obviously), leading to a dedicated shoe storage room from channelling your inner Imelda Marcos (her shoe collection was said to be over 1000 pairs)


A wine fridge in the kitchen.

State of the art technology that you can load six or so bottles into, and have them ready to serve at the touch of a button.


Bringing the outside in what about a hydroponic garden in your kitchen? Grow your own herbs and veggies and save yourself a trip to the supermarket.


What about outside? A dream home definitely needs a big summerhouse in the garden. Somewhere to go to escape the day.


A swing on the porch.

Big enough to lounge and swing with a glass of wine or cold beer!


Just outside the summer house what about a mini beach fire-pit.

Sit and toast your toes and maybe some marshmallows.


Maybe a bathtub or hot tub in the garden? The ultimate in luxury after a hard day in the office.


Keeping with the alfresco lifestyle, what about a bar in the garden with optics, pumps and more.


Have guests over, weather permitting and cook in your outdoor kitchen?


Pampered pets would benefit from a dog shower in the garage; you could even install warm air heating in a drying pod for the ultimate in grooming.


No home would be complete without a fully functioning gym and sauna either. Maybe with a slide to get there?

So there you have it – Our top 20 tips and ideas to turning your home into the ultimate luxury and to turning heads!

If you have any other top ideas simply comment down below!

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