Building Your Dream Home Tips

Having the ambition to build your own home is impressive. It does however come with some anxieties if this is the first time you have taken on such a challenge.

Thankfully, there is plenty of advice available, and we have put together some of the top tips to help you when building your dream home.

Planning is Crucial

Whether you are using professionals at every step of the way, or project managing the whole build, planning is critical.

Document all your ideas as it is going to get busy and somethings can end up being forgotten or overlooked.

Brainstorming is a great way to get ideas down onto paper.You don’t need to worry about having a specialist software, a pen and paper will suffice.

The main issue here is to get as much as you can on paper in any format, lists, sketches, anything that will help you organise the project and show the professionals what you are hoping for.


Future Proof Your Dream Home

Often people are so caught up in the moment of designing a home that they do not remember to think about the future.

For most people the dream home is intended to be the forever home, so do stop and think about what could happen:

  • Your kids might have left home, but will they return with grandkids in tow?
  • What happens as you age in terms of moving around the house safely?
  • Do you need to consider having a parent or relative come and live with you when they can no longer manage at home?
  • Do you work from home or is this just your escape the world space? All these questions and more will help you ensure you have a home that will support you on your journey through life.

Light Up the Space

Another good point to consider is light.  Sometimes people come up with a design on paper that looks amazing but , ends up being a little bit dark.

If you are looking at your site in summer, you see the best of the light.  Consider what might happen in the winter. Disorders such as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is on the increase as natural light has lessened in many areas with the climate changes.

There are lots of design features to maximise natural light from skylights to light tunnels, or floor to ceiling windows. Balancing light and privacy is worth doing before you even lay the foundations.


What Has to Happen Now?

Finally, build a list of priorities.

You have a budget, and with the best will in the world, it is likely to go over costings at some point.

List your features in order of importance.  If they are vital at the construction stage, then you might want to bring them to the top.

If it is something you can make provision for but add in a few years when your bank manager is talking to you again, slide it down the list.

There may come a poem where you need to leave specific wish list items for another day, but you need to ensure any budget crisis doesn’t leave you without crucial features.

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