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Sometimes we feel trapped by our own home.  Sure, if we had loads of money we would be moving to stunning piles in the country, however for many of us that is not an option.

Even on a budget, there are some helpful, easy home improvement ideas that can really help you all in love with your home again and generally lift tired houses and breathe life into your interior design.  Check out these great ideas that all come in an under £150.


Call in the Professionals

Having carpets cleaned professionally can really lift the look of the room.  All sorts of dirt and debris get stuck in the piles and can leave rooms smelling old and musty.  A professional carpet cleaner turns carpets back to new as if by magic, and they can aid stain guard shampoos.  Cleaning carpets is good for respiratory health and also helps stop the growth of mould or mildew.


Consider HIVE technology

With the introduction of newer smart technologies, you can now control heating and lighting from your phone or other smart device.  Having the control system install will set you back about £150 put once in you can add additional devices, and no longer have to worry about heating your home.  Come home to a toasty room by simply switching on the heating a little earlier from your phone before you even leave the office.

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Redesign the Garden

Overhaul your whole garden for very little money by moving the pathways, adding light to steps or trip hazard areas and generally spruce up the space with coloured chipping or plants in pots.  £150 can go a long way when it comes to garden maintenance.  The result will be a garden that you look forward to sitting in, not one you are sick of the sight of.


Give old Furniture a New Life

Simply paint old and tired chairs with pale coloured paint, and once dry, distress lightly with sandpaper.  The resulting look will give you a whole new range of furniture.  If you prefer a more modern look, gloss paint can create bright and bold looks for tables and chairs that have seen better days.  Cheap as a tin or two of paint!


Refresh the Bathroom

One of the quickest ways to give your bathroom a new look is to replace the shower head.  There are loads to choose from including some with LED lights yo really make your bathroom bling.  A new set of towels and bathmat can lift the room, so can the addition of a blind or new decor items.  Again this does not have to cost the earth and can be done on a budget of £150 quite easily.


Space Out the Kitchen

If you are struggling for space in the kitchen, consider installing a wall unit.  Walls are often bare and underused, so adding a new cupboard or shelf can transform your kitchen space.  Cupboard doors can be painted if the budget does not allow you to have a whole new kitchen, but the results will make you fall in love with your home all over again.

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